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Below is a brief overview of connecting to ScreenConnect.

I’m happy to report our very own Connectwise Control (the artist formerly known as ScreenConnect) is now online and available. To login head over to https://zumasys.screenconnect.com/Login

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There is no need to enter a username/password as this has already been integrated with AzureAD – just click “Connect with Zumasys Azure AD” and it will redirect you to our normal Azure login screens or if you already have an active token will immediately direct you in.

Please be mindful of leaving sessions lingering that are unused as the licensing model is different than previous and there is a limit on the concurrent sessions. We will keep track of how often we run into that limit and adjust if necessary.

Please stop using the existing screenconnect.zumasysonline.com system today and begin using this as needed (the existing screenconnect will stop working for you on Friday). The interface is different because the hosted version is the latest edition of the product.

If you run into issues or have questions please let me know.

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