# ServiceDesk Time Entry Reporting

Created At: 9/6/2018 6:52:17 PM
Updated At: 9/6/2018 7:13:14 PM
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In order to provide the best metrics possible - all primary reporting for ServiceDesk will be done through PowerBI.

To get started click the following link: https://app.powerbi.com/groups/me/reports/6d7dff51-a7f9-4516-9bfd-6e6ae380caac?ctid=bfd62fca-bd38-4e07-a078-5e9943d1f9c0 (you will need to sign-in with your credentials to access this report)

For individual users:

If you are mostly looking for a way to track and confirm your personal time entries, the best place to do it is the tab titled TimeByEmployee. When the report first loads it will show all employees by default.

servicedesk-time-entry-reporting: 1536260661578-1536260661578

You can use the checkbox-list on the right and the date slicer on the bottom to narrow down the report results as desired. As an example:

servicedesk-time-entry-reporting: 1536260785440-1536260785440

This will give you a snapshot of your own personal time entries.

If you want to take it further, you can even Drill Down into the details of what customer(s) made up those time entries by simply right-clicking a block of time and selecting "Drill Down" as shown below. This will change the report and show the time entry per customer

servicedesk-time-entry-reporting: 1536260977688-1536260977688servicedesk-time-entry-reporting: 1536261072105-1536261072105

To get back to the previous view, "Drill Up" by clicking the Up arrow at the top right of the graph.