# Skype Conference Phone

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# Document Scope

How to utilize the Skype for Business conference phone.

You can book meetings on it like a regular resource room and it should auto-accept your invite (same way the upstairsconf or downstairsconf worked for Irvine). Here are the easy steps.

When setting up a new meeting click on the "Rooms..." button in Outlook meeting invite

skype-conference-phone: 1531242107180-pic1

You should get a list of rooms available - one of which will be "San Clemente Conference Room" - double-click on that and hit OK

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Enable the meeting as a Skype meeting and you should be good to go.

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You'll receive a response from the "room" noting the status of your meeting acceptance. Please note that it will auto-decline if there is any conflict and the phone will not be able to join a meeting if this happens.

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The phone will look something like this on the screen (if the panel is dark just touch it to wake up the phone)

skype-conference-phone: 1531242179342-pic5

Tap the meetings to get a list of all meetings – (it will jump past this screen if there is only 1 upcoming meeting)

skype-conference-phone: 1531242204156-pic6

Tap your meeting to see the details and tap Join to join the call.

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